PerfecTEN Corporate Services Pte Ltd (PerfecTEN) is a professional accounting firm specialising in helping SME owners like you implement the Profit First framework into their accounting practices.

We understand what

your business means to you

At PerfecTEN, we appreciate that you are probably not trained in accounting and simply started your business because you had a passion to serve your target customers, knowing that you could make a difference in your own way. We know that you rely on your business and its success to support your family and your employees and their families. And we know you want big things for your business.

We're here to protect and guide

There is no escaping that accounting and tax are critical pillars of your business and set the foundations for it to profit and scale. Getting your numbers to work for you is vital. Without the right support and guidance, you risk running foul of compliance regulations at best and losing your business at worst. We exist to make sure that this doesn't happen to businesses like yours.

We don't take a cookie cutter approach

At PerfecTEN, we go beyond the traditional role of a bookkeeper or accountant. And we are not a faceless company churning out impersonal outsourced reports on a conveyor belt. We get to know our clients. We think that matters.

We see ourselves more as partners, or at least consultants in your business. It's important to us that, when we deliver your financial reports, we take the time to go through them with you, ensuring that you truly understand what the figures mean and what the next steps are in your business to keep you on track to scale.

Our Profit First business advisory is where we make the real difference

Once you work with us, we think you'll appreciate the relationship we build with you. On top of the cloud accounting, corporate secretarial, audit and tax services we provide, our value-added Profit First framework is where we believe we can make the real difference.

Meet our founder

Elsa Yong

CA (Singapore), FCCA

Having spent the majority of her career in senior accountancy positions in a multinational company in Singapore in the healthcare industry, Elsa took the entrepreneurial decision in 2016 to leave the corporate world and set up her own accountancy, tax and advisory firm. She wanted to serve small businesses that lacked the accounting and tax knowledge they needed to remain compliant with Singapore's regulations and to scale their businesses.

As Elsa listened to her customers, she came to understand that they needed more than simply accounting services. They needed a partner in their business to help them understand their numbers, manage their cash flow and focus on making a profit. That's why Elsa adopted the Profit First System.

She is a member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (CA Singapore).

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